Ambassador League

This one‐year practicum is designed to move young people toward service, community awareness and deepen their knowledge of God’s word. Students who complete this course find themselves well prepared to effectively communicate their values in future academic and professional settings.

Described as a Christian Statesman’s version of the Eagle Scout program, the Ambassador League engages the student in a year-long quest to further develop their Biblical worldview and leadership skills. Students are required to read, research, observe and take action. They earn points toward their goal by accomplishing assignments such as word studies in scripture, writing letters to the editor, attending local government meetings, interviewing and shadowing local leaders from various occupations and volunteering time for non-profit organizations and campaigns. Each project is designed to develop leadership skills while applying the principles learned at SSI. Students will receive regular “Ambassador Alerts” – an email newsletter reporting on each student’s progress. Each student who completes the course and achieves “Agent” or “Special Agent” status will receive an award at the SSI Annual Banquet held each fall.

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Students are required to complete five “Missions” as outlined below:

Mission: Tactics

Each “Agent in training” is required to find a mentor to meet with six times throughout the year. Promoting the Summer Program to a group and sharing personal experiences at the Summer Program are requirements of this section. The final assignment is a report on the Ambassador League experience.

Mission: Reading

Agents are tasked with reading and reporting on several excellent books, including Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris, God’s Politician by Garth Lean, Lifeviews by R.C. Sproul, Roaring Lambs by Bob Briner, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? by D. James Kennedy, and Why I Am A Christian by Norman Geisler.

Mission: Research

Agents are given a variety of Biblical issues to study: Lordship of Christ, God’s Mercy, Justice, Self-government & Self-control, Civil Government, Sanctity of Marriage, Sanctity of Life, Homosexuality, Absolute Truth, Ten Commandments and The Nature of Man.

Click HERE to download the Word Study Assistance document designed to help guide you in doing Biblical studies.

Mission: Observe

Some of the most interesting activities in which the agents participate include shadowing a local leader, attending local judicial trials and observing legislative and committee sessions at the Capitol.

Mission: Take Action

Assignments include writing letters to the editor, interviewing local leaders and volunteering for non-profit or community service organizations or political campaigns. Agents from all over Michigan are serious about taking action in their communities. And much to our delight, most are promoting SSI to their friends, Christian schools and youth groups. The Ambassador League provides the framework for SSI alumni to put what they learned into practice, and they’re doing it!

*For Current Ambassador League Students: Letter To The Editor Submission Form