James Muffett

Mr. James Muffett

Founder and President, Student Statesmanship Institute

For more than 30 years James has been an active and nationally recognized spokesman for Judeo-Christian values in the public arena. He is the founder and President of Student Statesmanship Institute, which utilizes real-world leadership simulations that equip teens to be courageous Christians in a corrupt culture.  He also serves as President of Citizens for Traditional Values, a respected public policy organization in Michigan.

As a motivational speaker, James brings a vibrant vision that inspires young and old to be representatives of Christ in this generation and the next! He has spoken to churches, schools, rallies, conferences and conventions across Michigan and throughout the country.

James is an ordained minister who currently serves as an elder and worship leader in his church. He has been married to Margot for nearly 40 years and is the proud father of five children.



Sowing and reaping across generations

An inspiring Biblical and historical perspective of God’s faithfulness in the past, present, and future.

The Greatest Story Never Told

A dynamic presentation reminding us of the important role of faith in our national heritage.

Ambassadors for Christ

 An insightful look at our important mission to positively influence our culture as representatives of God’s eternal kingdom on the earth.

Breaking the cycle of low expectations

A timely message that inspires young and old to realize their full God-given potential.

We Have a destiny

An inspirational reminder that God has a divine plan for each individual and that we should passionately pursue His purpose in our lives.

christians and the public square

Responsible Christian Citizenship

Understanding our civic stewardship responsibilities as citizens of both Heaven and earth.

A reason for hope

A call for believers to effectively defend traditional Judeo-Christian values in the public arena.

Religious Freedom & public schools

Important information about the original intent of the First Amendment and current legal interpretations on religious expression.

God or Caesar

A timely presentation on the proper role of government through the lens of scripture.

A Christian Approach to Culture

A call to influence the world for Christ rather than be influenced by the world.

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