LEAD Campus Policies


    • Students are expected to behave respectfully toward Cleary staff and campusLEAD crew and speakers, and other students. 
    • One guy and one girl may not be alone in a secluded area (this includes going for a walk around campus). 
    • Nametags shall be worn facing out at all times when outside the dorm rooms. 
    • After meals, students should bus their own dishes and clean up after themselves.  
    • See Student Conduct Covenant  


  • Students may not leave campus unless they make previous arrangements with an SSI staff member and communicate with the staff member before leaving.  Students who leave campus without permission will be asked to call home and have a parent or guardian come and pick them up.  
  • To use the Wellness Center or Lake Trust Field, students must be accompanied by a crew member. 
  • Certain areas of campus will be off-limits to students as Cleary staff will still be working while we are on campus. 
  • Cleary University also serves as a museum to exhibit Arthur Secunda’s work. Students are expected to respect the artwork and refrain from any raucous or unruly behavior around the artwork. 
  • Respect Cleary’s rules.


  • Students are not allowed in the opposite gender’s dorm building.  
  • Students are to remain in their dorms from 10:30pm to 7:00am. Students who wish to go running early in the morning will need to arrange this with a crew member. Students must run in pairs if they are going to run before 7:00am and must stay on campus during their run.
  • Students may not switch rooms mid-week. 
  • By 11pm students must be in their own dorm room with the main light off. 


  • Alert a LEAD crew member of any injuries incurred during the week. 
  • Medication will be available in the LEAD office. Students are welcome to bring their own medication, but they should not take another camper’s medication. 
  • Students who are too ill to attend a scheduled session should reach out to an SSI staff member or the camp medical officer (phone numbers will be given at camp). 



  • Please label all belongings and keep cash and other valuables on your person. SSI is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 
  • No food, candy, beverages, gum, etc. will be permitted in the Capitol Building or courtrooms.  
  • Cell phones may not be used in the Johnson Building, Chrysler Hall, or the Chapel area. Students may use cell phones during free times outside of those buildings. The consequences for using a cell phone in the prohibited areas are as follows. 
    • 1st offense: Phone is confiscated for the session. 
    • 2nd offense: Phone is confiscated for the day. 
    • 3rd offense: Phone is confiscated for the week.

We do encourage students to call home, and if a phone is confiscated , students may still use the phone in the presence of a staff member or  use a staff member’s phone. 


Cleary University Student Code of Conduct 

Alcohol, Tobacco, & Drug Policy and Use: Cleary University identifies as a “dry and drug free campus,” and holds a zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and drugs, their consumption/use, possession, distribution, and manufacture. Students, regardless of age, are prohibited from possessing or using alcohol, drugs, or tobacco of any sort on-campus or in any campus building, including residential.   

Harassment, Discrimination, and Assault: Harassing comments, behaviors, actions, and threats directed at students, staff, or guests of the university will not be tolerated, nor will acts of discrimination.  In addition, physical assault will not be tolerated; staff are obligated to contact proper authorities in the case of a physical altercation.  Abuse, whether physical, emotional, or otherwise, is also not tolerated by Cleary University. 

Respect & Quiet Hours: Respect Hours are from 8am-10pm every day.  Students have the freedom to request different behavior of their neighbors for their own academic or personal wellbeing; students must oblige such requests. 

Quiet Hours are from 10pm-8am every night.  This provides a substantial amount of time for students to rest and sleep in peace.  Students will be held accountable for their actions if they repeatedly ignore requests related to rest and quiet hours. 

Key Cards: If a resident loses their key card, they are to inform a SSI staff member immediately so as to prevent an outside individual gaining unauthorized entry to the building.   

Cleary University is not responsible for the loss or theft of items from a student’s apartment.   

Students are to refrain from propping open the entrances & exits to the buildings, as it allows unauthorized individuals access to the building. 

The building doors will be on lockdown, save for the main entrance, starting at 7pm, so as to streamline traffic through one entrance. 

If a resident happens across a suspicious person in the building, they should inform a Housing or SSI staff member immediately. 

Care of Facilities & Vandalism: Students are responsible for their shared bedroom, shared bathroom, and shared common space.  Individuals who share those spaces are equally responsible for them.  Damages or alterations to the spaces, as indicated by differences from the check-in condition report, will be billed to the apartment’s residents equally, unless one resident takes full responsibility. 

Residence common areas, such as hallways, lobbies, stairwells, and lounges, are everyone’s responsibility.  On a case-by-case basis, damages may be billed to the floor or the whole building, unless someone (or a group) takes responsibility. 

Students are not permitted to remove lounge furniture from the lounges and will be billed accordingly if they choose to do so. 

Room Décor & Equipment: 

  • Students will refrain from using fire in the residence hall, including candles.  Candle warmers are permitted.  
  • Room furnishings are not to be removed.  Students will be charged for missing furniture. Bunks may not be moved from their original position.  
  • Decorations will not be affixed to the ceiling or suspending from the ceiling in any way, as they present a fire hazard. 

Weapons/Open Carry: Students are not permitted to have weapons of any kind while residing and learning on-campus.  This includes firearms for which they are licensed, firearms for which they are not licensed, bladed weapons, martial arts weaponry, devices of incendiary, explosive, or gaseous nature, et cetera. 

Respect of Others: Respect will be shown to (and by) all University and Housing staff members, regardless of the situation at hand. 

Complicity: Students are not to encourage, support, or condone actions or behaviors that violate University policy.  Students are expected to remove themselves from policy-violating areas and are encouraged to report the incident.  Failure to leave an area where a policy is being violated will have the student held accountable for their inaction. 

Health & Safety Checks: Housing staff reserves the right to perform basic checks on apartments if there is a health or safety concern.  

Fire Alert: Once fire alarm is heard: Students on the 1st floor are to exit through the main door and head toward Chrysler Hall, putting distance between themselves and the apartment building.  Students on the 2nd or 3rd floor are to exit through both stairwell door and head towards Chrysler Hall.    Once the all-clear is signaled, Housing staff will allow re-entry.  Students are to use the main door and return to the building. 

Tornado Alert: When the tornado siren is activated, students are to avoid windowed areas. Moving into apartment bathrooms provides the least exposure to the outside and gives a small space that won’t be as harmful if debris begins flying.  Students on the upper floors are to move to lower floors, huddling in the hallways as far from the main lobby as possible. The all-clear must be received from Housing staff before students may return to their room. 

Cleary Field Policies:  

The following activities and items are NOT ALLOWED within the turf area of the complex: 

  • Bicycles, skateboards and skates 
  • Food or drink on the field surface. Water is the only liquid allowed on playing surface 
  • Glass Containers 
  • Sunflower seeds, gum and candy 
  • Fireworks or any open flame 
  • Golfing, shot putting, javelin or discuss throwing 
  • Unauthorized use of model planes, rockets, or drones 
  • Metal cleats and spikes (Rubber cleats are allowed) 
  • Painting, chalking, tape. or other adhesive material without prior approval from CU Athletics 
  • Stakes, spikes, or other pointed objects 

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in user being asked to leave.