LEAD Online Week 3 Information

Week 3 – Important Information for Parents and Students

We’re excited for Week 3 of LEAD Online: July 27-31! Here are some important things to know. 

Technology Orientation

We want to make sure every student has a great experience at LEAD Online this summer. To ensure the best experience possible, we need to schedule a time when we can get online with each participant and confirm that everyone is able to log in to each of the platforms we will be using and that all equipment is working. We should only need about 10-15 minutes. If any participants have trouble with either of the platforms or with the equipment, if we are unable to resolve the problem, we will set a time later for troubleshooting. Those who have already participated in the orientation from Week 1 or 2 this summer do not need to attend.

Select the Session:
Please send us an email with the session you would like to participate in:
Wednesday, July 22: 10:30am EDT
Friday, July 24: 3:00pm EDT

Our Tech Center, including the Technology Requirements, a Student Self-Diagnostic Guide, and more, can be found here.

*If neither of these times will work, please call our office to set up an individual appointment.  517-321-6233

First-Time Parent Information

If this is going to be your first time having a student participate in LEAD, we encourage you to watch this video of our President James Muffett as he shares an overview of what the week will look like for your child. The video was recorded when he met with parents from our first week of camp this summer.

Special Note: In the video, we mentioned a link that would be sent out for the livestream of the final student presentations on Friday, but as you can see below, that link will instead be posted on this webpage in the blue box immediately below.

If you have any questions about the program or what you can do to help your student, feel free to contact us at 517-321-6233 or office@ssionline.org.


Download Track Schedules

LEAD Contact Info

SSI/LEAD Phone Number:

Office Email:

Monday Orientation Information

Students should plan to log into Zoom at 9:45am EDT on Monday. The link to the appropriate Zoom meeting is in their schedule on Moodle (their virtual binder). 

If at any time during the week, you will be late to login or are having technical difficulties, please call our office at 517-321-6233 x1000.

Friday Final Session Information

The final sessions for all tracks will start at 1:00pm EDT the Friday of camp. Approximately 30 minutes before the final sessions, we will begin a live stream and post the links for the livestreams here for parents to observe their student’s final session. The Zoom meeting itself is intended for students only. Please do not join Zoom to observe the final session.

Detailed LEAD Week 3 Arrival, Pickup, & Presentation Information

We’re excited to see you at Week 3 of LEAD: July 21-26, 2019! Here are a few things students will want to know to make this week an awesome time…

Before you come…

Make sure you’re coming prepared for an awesome week! Besides appropriate clothing for the various events of the week, you’ll also need to pack sheets or a sleeping bag, towels and toiletries, and a few more necessary items. Click here to see what else you should bring.

Arrival information:

Dorms open at 5:30pm on Sunday, July 21st. Registration is open from 6-6:30pm. All students should arrive by 6:30pm. Registration occurs in Room 8 of the Johnson Center at Cleary University (3725 Cleary Drive, Howell, MI). If you are delayed and will arrive late, please call us at 517-321-6233 x1000.

Departure & pick-up information:

The closing ceremony on Friday will begin at 5:00pm at the Johnson Center on Cleary’s campus. All parents are invited to attend. If you are not attending the closing ceremony, please arrive no later than 6:00pm to pick up your student.

Policies and don’t-miss info:

Before you come, read over our camp policies to make sure you are bringing everything you need, know the dress code, and all that good stuff!


To reach Student Statesmanship Institute staff during the week of LEAD, call (517) 321-6233.

More details…

Parents are welcome to join us each day for Chapel at 2:30pm EDT. Guest speakers are as follows:

  • Monday: Pastor Ellis Smith 
  • Tuesday: Mrs. Jenell Leonard
  • Wednesday: Mr. Jeff Bonzelaar
  • Thursday: Mr. James Muffett

Senate and LEAD Elite students will be able to access to their bills and manuals before camp starts on Monday. Because students in these tracks will need to hit the ground running on Monday, we ask that they read through their bills before camp and fill out the Bill Summary Worksheets to prepare for discussion with their caucus on Monday. Students can find their bills and the Bill Summary Worksheets by logging into Moodle, clicking on the name of their track (“Senate” or “LEAD Elite Advanced Legislature”), and scrolling down to the Legislative Materials section.

After camp each day, we will have a Zoom room (“The Hangar”) open from 3:00-4:15pm EDT. There will be activities and opportunities for student to engage with each other. Students are welcome but not required to join.

OFFICE PHONE NUMBER: If you need to speak with our staff at any point throughout the week of camp, please contact us at our office. (517) 321-6233



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