The Greater Lansing Legislative Onsite

What is GLLO?

The Greater Lansing Legislative Onsite is a two day abbreviated version of LEAD (SSI’s week-long summer program) for schools, homeschool groups, and youth groups throughout Michigan and beyond. This dynamic, hands-on legislative experience integrates an engaging worldview curriculum and provides students the opportunity to quickly learn to analyze data, practice critical thinking, develop team approaches, and improve their debate and communication skills.

GLLO is available on November 2-3 at South Church (5250 Cornerstone Dr, Lansing, MI 48917).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should my student attend GLLO or the LEAD Summer program?

We encourage students to attend both if they can! There are differences between the two:

The LEAD Summer Program offers much more in terms of spiritual emphasis and leadership development, and provides an overall greater lasting impact in the lives of students. There is also more of a sense of realism in LEAD, as various tracks have the privilege of meeting in the Capitol Building and other professional facilities.

Onsites are held during the school year rather than in the summer, and are only held for two to three days rather than a week. There are no overnight accommodations and only one track (the House) is offered. Otherwise, the Onsite is basically a condensed version of LEAD held for schools and homeschool groups across Michigan.

There are many parents who send their student to LEAD after attending the Onsite. This gives the student a better opportunity to benefit from the full program and gives them an idea of what to expect. However, if you can’t commit to a whole week, the Onsite would be a good second choice.

What are the age requirements?

Any teenager entering 9th grade through the age of 19 is eligible to attend. Deciding which age is most appropriate to send your student is up to the parent, considering the maturity level, whether the student can engage him/herself, and whether he/she will benefit from the program.

What is the dress code?

Each Onsite can be different depending on the dress code of the host school/group. However, at a minimum, students should wear neat, modest clothing for the general sessions, and business attire during the committee meetings and final Session.

While a sport coat or suit is not required, the guys should at least wear dress slacks, with a dress shirt and tie. Girls should wear a dress, or a skirt or dress slacks with a nice top. We just want them to be dressed for the occasion.

As parent, is there a way I can participate?

Yes! Parents are welcome to attend any of the sessions. It is especially important for family and friends to come and support the students during the final Legislative Session, which is the last event of the program.

What summer program track can Onsite alumni do?

If a student is attending the LEAD Summer Program for the first time, but has participated in GLLO, he or she will be placed in the Senate track instead of the House.

When is the signup deadline?

Registration closes on October 19 at 11:59 PM.


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