Absolutely amazing! So powerful, so incredible, God is clearly at work here. Deep learning, challenges, teamwork, a well-rounded learning experience.
Jaime B.


Every time I come, I find myself changed when I leave. God has used this ministry to help me discover my gifts and my talents and to teach me to be bold and confident with my faith in God.
Lauren S.


We dropped off a teen and brought home a young man! After we got home, our son kept us awake talking about the experience until midnight. It was especially moving to know each student was prayed for. He will be back next year! Thanks SSI for giving God glory!
Wiebke P.

Mother of an alum

I cannot thank you all enough for being on the front lines for the family. I am thankful for what you do and what you stand for.
J.C. Watts

Former U.S. Representative

Beyond description… Epicly awesome… The best thing that has ever happened to me.
Mandie S.


This is a great opportunity for our young people and leaders. This is a great process to help students become engaged citizens.
Mark Jansen

Former Michigan State Senator

I enjoyed going to the Capitol for the committee meetings and the mock legislature because it was so much like the real-life process. I really enjoyed the daily devotions & worship, and learned how to be a productive Christian citizen.
Carissa D.


I have been at your sessions, I’ve spoken at your events, and I have seen the teens that you’ve empowered who have really gone on and tried to change their world based on what you’ve taught them.
Frank Beckmann

Host, WJR Radio

My SSI experience was a way to really get me involved in something new, and taught me to be a leader, a follower of God, and to face my fears. It was a life changing experience that really woke me up to the Lord.
Nevaeh W.


It was an incredible learning experience for me. It took everything that I had been taught about government for the past twelve years, and gave me a hands-on learning experience. I know that I learned more in my one week of SSI then I have through my entire school career.
Katie P.


It was a pleasure listening to and questioning the students participating in the SSI Moot Court Competition. Each of the four participants were able to properly articulate their positions, even when being faced with many questions from the bench. They performed as if they had already completed college, undergraduate school and law school.
Christopher M. Murray

Michigan Court of Appeals Judge

With my entrepreneurial spirit and strong competitive attitude, the SSI Business Track was perfect for me. Actually, I’m thinking more seriously now about business as an area of study and career choice.
Justin W.


They got rid of a lot of preconceptions I’d had about law and taught us so much in so little time.
Rachel V.


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