Summer Program



Lead 2021

Not Your Typical Summer Camp.

LEAD inspires teens to find their ultimate identity in Christ and their
highest calling as His ambassador. Throughout this week-long camp,
students build key life skills such as teamwork, critical thinking,
and communication through virtual leadership simulations. Teens leave
equipped to go out as courageous Christians in a corrupt 
culture and
through relationships built with leadership-minded
peers and mentors.

About LEAD:

tracks offered and Track Qualifications

House, Senate, Media, Business, Mock Trial, Moot Court, and Campaign tracks will be offered during LEAD 2021.

For a complete list of tracks, click HERE.

First-time students will be placed in the House Track.

Second-time LEAD students along with Onsite and LEAD Online alumni will be placed in the Senate Track.

Returning students who have completed the Senate Track or those who have completed 11th grade and the House Track (through LEAD or LEAD Online) are eligible for Advanced Tracks.

Students may request to participate in an Advanced Track if they are entering 11th grade and have already completed the House Track. To do so, first register for Senate and then contact our office (517-321-6233 or to request to be put on a waiting list to be moved to another track if space allows. One month before camp students on the waiting list will be moved to an Advanced Track if the track needs more students in order to keep team numbers even. After that point, remaining students on the waiting list may be moved to fill spaces created by last-minute cancellations.

Use our Track Finder to help you determine which tracks you are eligible for.


details and policies

General Information

    • Dates: Week 1: June 20-25, Week 2: July 11-16, Week 3: July 25-30
    • Location: Spring Arbor University (“SAU”), 106 E Main St, Spring Arbor, MI 49283
    • Tuition: The $460 registration fee covers all instructional materials, food and lodging for all five days! Scholarships, discounts, and financial aid available. See more under “Financial Considerations” below.
    • Daily Events: Worship/Bible study; teaching sessions; legislative, judicial, business, campaign or media track activities; dynamic speakers; entertainment; games and sports.
    • Eligibility: High school-aged teens. In other words, students entering their first year of high school through students who will be 19 or younger at the time of camp are eligible to attend. Find out which tracks you are eligible for here.
      First-time summer students always participate in the House of Representatives. Those who have participated in an Onsite program can attend as a Senator.
    • What to Pack: For details on what to bring, what not to bring, and dress code, please see the LEAD Policies (below Financial Considerations).
    • Frequently Asked Questions: Find answers to other common questions in our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Financial Considerations 

    • Early-Registration Discount: Save $30 when you register and pay in full by March 15th.
    • Youth Empowerment Scholarship (YES): First-time students can receive a $100 scholarship toward the cost of camp. Call our office at (517) 321-6233 or complete this form to learn more and receive a scholarship code to use at registration.
    • Referral Rewards: Save $10 off of the cost of registration for every first-time student (excluding siblings) that comes to camp on your referral. Fill out this form to receive a scholarship code for the $100 Youth Empowerment Scholarship that you can pass on to any first-time student.
    • Financial Aid: Financial Aid may be available for those in serious need. Complete the Financial Aid application here, complete the registration, and send in a minimum $50 deposit. See our financial aid page for more details. Please note that first time financial aid recipients must pay a minimum of $80, and previous financial aid recipients must pay a minimum of $160. 
    • NOTE: Please send as much of your tuition as possible when registering. A $50 minimum deposit is required to reserve a space. All balances must be paid in full two weeks prior to the week attending.
    • Group Discounts: Although we no longer offer discounts for groups, with our new Referral Discount program, you could save even more on your registration by inviting friends. See the Referral Discount section above for more information and don’t forget to share about the Youth Empower Scholarship when inviting others.
    • For more details about our discounts, scholarships, or financial aid, see our website here.

LEAD Policies

​It is our desire to make LEAD a profitable, enjoyable, life-changing experience for everyone involved. While we expect no problems from the students, it is important to define the boundaries and lay the foundation for expectations and conflict/problem-solving ahead of time so everyone is aware of policies and procedures. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at (517) 321-6233. All students are required to read the LEAD Campus Policies and sign the Student Conduct Covenant (see sections below).

While at LEAD, students will be under the supervision of staff, instructors, and chaperones. Our goal is to have the ratio of volunteers to students at no less than 1:10. SSI staff will be on location at all times. The staff, instructors, and chaperones will clearly communicate our expectations to students.

LEAD Cancellation Fee / Refund Policy

Students who are unable to attend LEAD during the week for which they registered may request a refund of their registration fee. All refund checks are mailed approximately 2-3 weeks after the request is made. Due to costly administrative commitments, refunds will be honored as follows:  

Full Refund Deadline 

  • May 31, 2021: Deadline for FULL refund – all weeks Any requests for refunds postmarked or phoned in no later than May 31st will be honored in full, including the deposit.

Partial Refund Deadlines

  • Week One (June 20-25): June 7, 2021 Any requests for refunds postmarked or phoned in no later than June 7th but after May 31st will be honored, minus the $50 deposit. After June 7th, no refunds will be permitted.
  • Week Two (July 11-16): June 28, 2021 Any requests for refunds postmarked or phoned in no later than June 28th but after May 31st will be honored, minus the $50 deposit. After June 28th, no refunds will be permitted.
  • Week Three (July 25-30): July 12, 2021 Any requests for refunds postmarked or phoned in no later than July 12th but after May 31st will be honored, minus the $50 deposit. After July 12th, no refunds will be permitted.

NOTE: If a student is dismissed as a result of disciplinary action or leaves to go home for any reason (illness, etc.) during his/her week at LEAD, no refund or partial refund will be issued. Likewise, no one may attend in his/her place.


Alternatives to Refunds

Attend a Different Week  Students are encouraged to attend a different week of LEAD, as space allows, rather than not come at all. We will make every attempt to make adjustments where possible. Therefore, if a student wishes to switch to a different week, he or she must make that request to the SSI office as soon as possible. If no room is available in another week, a refund may be issued according to the policy outlined above. 

Transfer Registration – A registration may be transferred to a different student provided registration has not yet closed for the week in questionPlease call the SSI office immediately if you are thinking of transferring your registration to another individual. In any case, new registration forms will be required. 

Financial Aid – There are many deserving students who want to attend LEAD but simply can’t afford it. Consider helping them by transferring the tuition money to the Financial Aid Fund. 

Registration Deadlines

Registration opens January 1, 2021 and closes at 11:59pm as follows:
Week 1: Monday, June 7th
Week 2:
Monday, June 28th
Week 3:
Monday, July 19th



All activities are mandatory, and all students will be expected to participate in every activity unless prior permission is obtained to excuse a student. The final schedule can be found during the week of camp on our website here. While students attend LEAD, it will be very important that they get enough sleep to meet the challenging itinerary. 

Note to Parents: Students should plan on staying on campus during the entire week of camp. Please be sure that your student does not have any commitments during the week of camp. 



Registration & Dorms

Registration will be open from 5:30-6:30pm. After registering, students will be directed to their dorm to select their room and drop off their luggage, after which they should go to student orientation which will begin at 6:30pm. Parents are encouraged to stay for the parent meeting at 6:30pm. Students arriving AFTER 6:30pm should register and then go immediately to student orientation. Their luggage can be left in the designated area. They will have an opportunity to set up their dorm room later in the evening.

Dorm rooms are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Students wishing to room with each other should arrive early enough to claim a room together as rooms cannot be saved for those who have not yet arrived. Each dorm room accommodates two people. No student will be alone in a suite. Students may request on their registration form to be randomly assigned to a dorm and roommate. Unless requested, SSI does not assign dorm rooms. Students may receive a room and/or dorm key during their stay at SAU; however, any students who lose their key will be responsible to pay SAU for the cost of replacing it before checking out on Friday.


What to Bring

Bedding: Sleeping bag or blanket, sheets, pillow, etc.
Toiletries: Towel, washcloth, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, hand soap, comb/brush, sunscreen, toothbrush, etc.
Supplies: Bible, pen/pencil, notebook, alarm clock, cell phone (not allowed to be used in the Poling Center, the Library, the Cafeteria, or the Chapel), fan (some dorms may not have AC).
Umbrella: While many of the buildings on campus are close to each other, students may want an umbrella in case of rain when walking to and from the dorms.
Clothing: Casual clothes for time spent on campus, athletic clothing for sports including closed-toed shoes, nice casual clothes, and enough “dress” outfits for presentations and trips to the Capitol or other venues (see below).
Sports Equipment: Some will be provided, however, feel free to bring your own basketball, volleyball, soccer ball, and/or other outdoor sports equipment.
Spending Money: Only needed to buy a LEAD t-shirt ($10) or other camp gear, pop, snacks, and/or supplies from vending machines or the SAU campus store.
Snacks: The registration fee covers three meals per day, but students are also welcome to bring snacks to keep in their dorm if they are so inclined. Students are expected to clean up after themselves if they will be eating in the dorms. Keep in mind that a roommate may be allergic to food that was brought. If that is the case, please be considerate of that roommate’s allergies.

What NOT to Bring

Do Not Bring: Stereo, video, or computer equipment (no laptops or tablets unless given prior permission), electronic devices (such as games, drones, iPods, or CD/MP3/DVD players), amplified musical instruments, flammable materials, or controlled substances. If in doubt, call the SSI office at (517) 321-6233 and we will let you know if you should bring it. 

Students are welcome to bring their phones with the understanding that to foster a learning atmosphere, cell phone use will be permitted only during free times in the dorms or outside. Students are encouraged to contact home during their free times. 

Note to Parents: Please take the opportunity to go through your student‘s luggage with him/her and discuss what constitutes appropriate, professional, and modest clothing as outlined below and to ensure no items are brought from the list above.


Food Allergies

Please note on the Health Information section of the registration any special dietary needs, restrictions, or allergies that will require any degree of consideration. Students with diets that prohibit gluten, dairy, nuts, or meat will be provided alternate meals when the main dish contains those ingredients. Students are responsible to monitor the food they consume and should ask the kitchen if they are ever uncertain whether or not the food contains something they should not eat.  Spring Arbor University and SSI cannot guarantee allergen free food, and cross-contamination is always a risk. There is also a possibility that manufacturers of the commercial foods used could change the formulation at any time, without notice. Participants concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk. Neither Spring Arbor University nor SSI will assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed or items one may come in contact with during the week of participation. SSI must be made aware of a participant’s allergies and special needs requests at least three weeks prior to the start of the program. If you have additional concerns, please contact our office at (517321-6233. 


Learning Impairments and Mental Health

It is important that we are aware of any learning impairments or mental health concerns beforehand so that we can properly prepare to work with your child. Please be sure to include information in the Health Information section of the registration about any impairments or mental health concerns your child has. We will contact you for more information so that we can plan for the support necessary for your child and ensure a positive experience. SSI will do what it can within reason to accommodate students with learning impairments or mental health concerns. 


Additional Expectations

Please see our LEAD Campus Policies and Student Conduct Covenant sections below for a list of the rules students are expected to abide by while at camp. 



Issues and topics debated, including bills for the Mock Legislature and/or cases for the Mock Trial, may be controversial or sensitive in nature. Please contact SSI for more information if you are concerned. (517) 321-6233.

LEAD Campus Policies
    • Students are expected to behave respectfully toward SAU staff and campus, LEAD crew and speakers, and other students.
    • One guy and one girl may not be alone in a secluded area (this includes going for a walk around campus).
    • Nametags shall be worn facing out at all times when outside the dorm rooms.
    • After meals, students should bus their own dishes and clean up after themselves.
    • See Student Conduct Covenant section below


    • Students may not leave campus unless they make previous arrangements with an SSI staff member and communicate with the staff member before leaving.  Students who leave campus without permission will be asked to call home and have a parent or guardian come and pick them up.
    • Students must be accompanied by a crew member when using certain areas of campus such as the MAC, the gym, and other areas. A complete list will be gone over in dorm orientation at camp.
    • Certain areas of campus will be off-limits to students as SAU staff will still be working while we are on campus.
    • Respect SAU’s rules (see below)
    • Students are not allowed in the opposite gender’s dorm building.
    • Students are to remain in their dorms from 10:30pm to 7:00am. Students who wish to go running early in the morning will need to arrange this with a crew member. Students must run in pairs if they are going to run before 7:00am and must stay on campus during their run.
    • Students may not switch rooms mid-week.
    • By 11pm students must be in their own dorm room with the main light off.


    • Alert a LEAD crew member of any injuries incurred during the week.
    • Medication will be available in the LEAD office. Students are welcome to bring their own medication, but they should not take another camper’s medication.
    • Students who are too ill to attend a scheduled session should reach out to an SSI staff member or the camp medical officer (phone numbers will be given at camp).


    • Please label all belongings and keep cash and other valuables on your person. SSI is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    • No food, candy, beverages, gum, etc. will be permitted in the Capitol Building or courtrooms.
    • Cell phones may not be used in the Poling Center, the Library, the Cafeteria, or the Chapel area. Students may use cell phones during free times outside of those locations. The consequences for using a cell phone in the prohibited areas are as follows:
      • 1st offense: Phone is confiscated for the session
      • 2nd offense: Phone is confiscated for the day
      • 3rd offense: Phone is confiscated for the week
    • We do encourage students to call home, and if a phone is confiscated, students may still use the phone in the presence of a staff member or use a staff member’s phone.



Community Policies

Alcohol and Tobacco: Students are obligated to abstain from the use, possession or distribution of alcohol (including “near-beer” or drinks with any alcohol content) or tobacco (including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, hookah, vaping and e-cigarettes).



The University has established the following policy regarding illegal drugs, marijuana, mind-altering substances, prescription and non-prescription drugs.

  • It is a violation of University policy for any student to use, manufacture, possess, sell, trade, offer for sale or offer to buy illegal drugs, or otherwise engage in the illegal use of drugs on or off campus.
  • It is a violation of University policy for any student to be under the influence of, or possess in his or her body, blood or urine, any illegal substances in any detectable amount.
  • It is a violation of University policy for any student to use prescription drugs illegally — that is, to use prescription drugs that have not been legally obtained or for a purpose or amount other than as prescribed.
  • The possession or use of marijuana, including prescribed medical marijuana, is prohibited on- or off-campus.
  • It is a violation of University policy to possess drug paraphernalia.



Lounges: Lounge conduct is expected to be appropriate to the area. Each individual who uses a lounge should take responsibility for keeping it clean, orderly, and well-maintained. Lounge furniture is not to be removed.

Quiet Hours: Quiet and study hours are an established necessity of community living to provide everyone an opportunity for adequate study and rest in their room. Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. During quiet hours, all residents and other persons in and around the residence halls are expected to refrain from making or causing noise or any other disruption that infringes upon the rights of residents to study, rest or sleep. During quiet hours, all sound must be contained within a resident’s room.

Courtesy Hours: Whenever quiet hours are not in effect; noise levels must be kept at a minimum and are subject to LEAD Crew discretion. Speakers are not permitted on windowsills and, at no time, should amplified sound be directed out windows.

Damages: Occupants are responsible for damages that occur in their residence. The residence is defined as everything from the exterior entry door to the exterior of the window(s). Damages within the residence should be reported to a LEAD Crew member and will be recorded, including information on who will specifically be held responsible for the damage. Damage to common areas such as hallways, bathrooms, stairwells, lounges and all the corresponding fixtures and furniture within these areas will be charged to individuals responsible. In cases involving group negligence, the University reserves the right to assess fines and or other disciplinary action to the group.


  • Occupants are expected to keep their rooms clean.
  • Nails, screws, duct tape or other adhesives that cause damage or leave sticky residue on the walls or surface may not be used.
  • Candles, including candle warmers, and incense are not permitted, lit or unlit.


Miscellaneous Policies and Procedures

Sports in Campus Housing: Sports are not allowed within campus housing as considerable damage, injury and excessive noise can occur.

Kitchens: Each residence hall and village house has a kitchen space with full-size stove, microwave oven and sink. If allowed to access the kitchen, students are expected to clean up after themselves, washing utensils, appliances and the sink immediately after use.

Housekeeping/Maintenance Services: Light bulb replacement, plumbing repairs or emergencies, heating/cooling problems and housekeeping inquiries should be brought to the attention of a LEAD Crew Member.


Property Protection:

Spring Arbor University, Student Statesmanship Institute, and/or LEAD are not responsible for lost or stolen items or items damaged in residential spaces. The following suggestions are made for your protection:

  1. Insure and mark all valuables.
  2. Always lock your room and secure your window.
  3. Report all losses or thefts to a LEAD Crew member and it will be appropriately reported.
  4. Respect University property as you would respect your own belongings.
  5. If you notice something happening that seems suspicious, report the matter to a LEAD Crew Member immediately.


Emergency Procedures

In Case of Fire

The Spring Arbor Township Fire Department has recommended the following procedures in case of fire. Check the door of your room. If your room door seems cool and there is no evidence of smoke in the hall:

  1. Open the door cautiously, keeping your body braced against it. Keep one hand on the knob and the other hand over the door opening to detect any in-rushing heated air.
  2. If the halls appear safe, proceed rapidly out of the building. Close all windows and doors behind you but leave them unlocked.
  3. Go to the nearest exit and leave the building.
  4. Meet quickly at your designated meeting place so that all persons can be accounted for.


Meeting Places
ALPHA/GAMMA – south of main entrance, by the oak tree
DELTA – west side of Delta, near Ogle Street
OGLE & POST VILLAGE – courtyard
GAINEY HALL – by volleyball court
ANDREWS HALL – campus lot west of College Street


If your door is hot, you may be trapped. Do not open the door. Instead, follow this procedure:

  1. If you can safely exit the window, by any means do so. Otherwise hang a sheet out the window to signal rescuers.
  2. Seal the cracks around the door using cloth articles. This helps create a barrier against heat and smoke.
  3. If possible, open the windows slightly at the top and bottom to let fresh air in and smoke out of the room.
  4. Wait to be rescued.

If you must move through a smoke-filled area, move quickly in a crouching position. Heat and smoke rise, and dangerous gases settle near the floor.


Severe Weather Procedures: In case of a tornado warning, students are expected to take immediate action and go to the basement or lowest portion of any building. Being in a narrow passageway, such as a lower hallway is advised. Stay away from glassed-in areas. Students should not return to their rooms until the “all clear” signal is given.
TORNADO WATCH – means weather conditions are right for tornadoes to develop
TORNADO WARNING – means a tornado has been sighted or indicated on radar


Shelter Information

POLING CENTER – Use lower-level hallway
STUDENT LIFE CENTER – Use the hallway by the Holton Health and Wellness Center and the hallway leading to the computer lab
LIBRARY – Use the interior of the lower level
VILLAGE HOUSES – Use lower-level floor away from windows
GAINEY & ANDREWS HALL – Use first floor hallways
LOWELL HALL – Use basement
WHITEMAN-GIBBS SCIENCE CENTER – Use the lower floor by the restroom area
MCDONALD ATHLETIC CENTER (MAC)- Use the central portion of lower floor hallway
SMITH MUSIC CENTER – Use inner hallway by the band room


Students who are physically unable of moving to the aforementioned areas should seek assistance or move to the center of the hallway in which they live, away from windows, etc. The township emergency siren will sound when there is a TORNADO WARNING. This signal sounds at noon of the first Saturday of each month as a test.


Firearms, Weapons and Fireworks

  • Firearms, bows and arrows, concealed knives with blades longer than three inches, realistic looking toy guns, B.B. guns, airsoft guns, paintball guns and other weapons of any type are not permitted to be carried, stored in campus housing or vehicles, or possessed by students on campus.
  • Homemade and commercial incendiary devices, such as fireworks and bottle bombs, are not permitted and are a serious threat to personal and campus safety.
  • The possession or use of such items on campus is not permitted. Violations will be subject to significant accountability action including fines and/or civil action.


Fire Safety Equipment

Fire safety equipment (fire alarms, extinguishers, exit lights, sprinkler heads and detectors) are located in strategic areas of the residence halls. Use this equipment only for emergencies. Tampering with fire equipment or triggering a false alarm violates local and state laws. Individuals who use fire extinguishers or trigger a fire alarm as a result of an irresponsible act or fail to evacuate campus housing in a timely manner during an alarm will be subject to a $300 fine and possible civil action. Intentionally setting fires in the residence halls, the corresponding rooms, hallways, bathrooms, etc. is dangerous and illegal. University accountability action for such offenses may include civil action.


Safety Precautions

  • Exterior doors of campus housing are always locked. Secured doors must not be propped open. An unsecured door jeopardizes the privacy and safety of residence areas. Remember to carry your key card for building access.
  • Do not walk alone at night from one building to another. Avoid shortcuts and dark, isolated places when walking or jogging at night.
  • Exercise caution and courtesy as a pedestrian. Yield to oncoming traffic. Cross streets at designated crosswalks. Walk or jog against (facing) traffic. Assume that vehicle drivers do not see you.


Student conduct Covenant

You will need to agree to this Student Covenant & Permission to Attend when registering. Please be sure to read this together with your student. Each student will be expected to abide by this covenant or face appropriate consequences, possibly even being asked to leave.

The Student Statesmanship Institute’s summer program, LEAD, is Michigan’s premiere biblical worldview and leadership training program for teens. We hope your experience here will be enjoyable, rewarding, and challenging. The instructors, staff, and chaperones are committed to helping you grow as a leader, and they are looking forward to you being here. The development of leadership skills includes taking responsibility for your own life and conduct, and the foundation for all behavior at all times can be summed up in the word “respect.”

Please read the following carefully.

“Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another, be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.” 1 Peter 3:8

1. The Bible says that Christians should “think on things that are excellent” and “avoid all appearance of evil.”

  • I will maintain the highest moral standards and maintain a clear personal witness through proper conduct and appropriate dress (see the LEAD Dress Code Guide section below).
  • I will not drink alcoholic beverages or use tobacco in any form while at LEAD; I will not use any type of illegal substances, use offensive language, etc.

2. Leadership involves self-discipline, which means accepting personal responsibility to do those things which are expected of you “as unto the Lord.” Christian leadership involves servanthood. Jesus said, “Whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant.”

  • I will be prompt and attentive in all classes and activities and keep myself, my belongings, and my room neat and clean.
  • I will display a servant attitude toward my fellow classmates, instructors, staff, chaperones, and Spring Arbor University staff.

3. LEAD is an environment conducive to learning and personal growth and one in which you can make friends and not be distracted by outside influences.

  • I will not bring to LEAD anything that would detract from this goal (including but not limited to the items described in the Details and Policies section above). Neither will I use the computer or internet inappropriately when doing research.

4. LEAD is held at Spring Arbor University and visits other venues such as the Capitol Building, Hall of Justice, etc. We believe it is important to present a clear testimony for Jesus Christ among our neighbors and in the community.

  • I will respect the property, privacy, and rights of others, whether associated or not associated with LEAD or SSI.

5. The Bible commands us to submit to authority. It is our desire that each student has a teachable spirit and is willing to be cooperative, obedient, and respectful to any person in God-ordained authority.

  • I submit to the authority of staff, instructors, and chaperones, and obey the rules including those given in this Student Conduct Covenant.

I have read and agree with all of the above. I have also read and agree to abide by the LEAD Policies in the Details and Policies section above and the LEAD Campus Policies (found above) which includes the Spring Arbor University Student Code of Conduct. I understand that I will be expected to abide by this signed covenant. I further understand that if I choose not to abide by this signed covenant, I will face appropriate consequences, possibly even being asked to leave.



For students under 18 years (parent or guardian must sign):

I, as parent/legal guardian of the named child do hereby give permission for their attendance of the Student Statesmanship Institute’s (SSI) LEAD Summer Program, at Spring Arbor University near Jackson, Michigan during the summer of 2021, and further state that:

  • I am the parent or legal guardian of the named child and I possess all the rights, powers, and privileges of a parent or legal guardian.
  • I personally assume, on my child’s behalf, all risk for any harm, injury, or damages that may befall my child or is caused by my child.
  • I give permission for my child to be transported to and from activities by hired and/or adult volunteer drivers.
  • I give permission to Student Statesmanship Institute and Spring Arbor University to use my child’s photograph, video, oral and/or written comments to promote SSI and/or LEAD.
  • I agree to hold Student Statesmanship Institute, the owners and lessees of any premises used to conduct classes or activities, their sanctioning institutions, agents, officers, directors, and employees harmless and indemnify them from any injury, loss, damage, or claim of any nature arising out of or related to my child’s participation in the classes and activities of LEAD, specifically including any negligent act or omission of the above.

I have read and agree with all of the above and I support Student Statesmanship Institute in its endeavor to provide the best possible learning environment for every student. I acknowledge that this is a legal document and I will be bound by my agreement to its terms.


For students 18 years or older (student must sign):

I, as a student attending the Student Statesmanship Institute’s (SSI) LEAD Summer Program, at Spring Arbor University near Jackson, Michigan during the summer of 2021, state that:

  • I am at least 18 years old and I possess all the rights, powers, and privileges of a legal adult.
  • I personally assume all risk for any harm, injury, or damages that may befall me or is caused by me.

  • I give permission to be transported to and from activities by hired and/or adult volunteer drivers.
  • I give permission to Student Statesmanship Institute and Spring Arbor University to use my photograph, video, oral and/or written comments to promote SSI.
  • I agree to hold Student Statesmanship Institute, the owners and lessees of any premises used to conduct classes or activities, their sanctioning institutions, agents, officers, directors, and employees harmless and indemnify them from any injury, loss, damage, or claim of any nature arising out of or related to my participation in the classes and activities of LEAD, specifically including any negligent act or omission of the above.

I have read and agree with all of the above and I support Student Statesmanship Institute in its endeavor to provide the best possible learning environment for every student. I acknowledge that this is a legal document and I will be bound by my agreement to its terms.

lead Dress Code Guide

While we recognize that families have different tastes, views, and convictions on what constitutes professional, modest, and appropriate dress, all students attending LEAD are required to respect and comply with the following. If these standards are not met, SSI staff may ask a student to immediately change his/her outfit to comply with the dress code. 

General Standards
Students should wear neat, clean, modest, and activity-appropriate clothing. No crude language or images on clothing. No ragged clothing, please. Hats may not be worn during lectures or chapel. 

CasualJeans or shorts, tshirts, sneakers, or sandals
Nice CasualKhakis/dress pants or skirts, with collared or dress shirt, and dress shoes (no flip-flops)
Business: Collared shirt and tie with dress pants or suit for gentlemen; dress, skirt, or dress pants with blouse or business suit for ladies 

Dress Code
 At any time, shorts must reach mid-thigh. Skirts and dresses (solid fabric, not sheer) must touch the middle of the knee at all times if no leggings are worn. If leggings are worn, the skirt or dress may not be any higher than a hand’s width above the knee at any time. Leggings or similar bottoms must have something worn over them. No low-cut tops, racerbacks, spaghetti or thin straps. Shirts must cover the lower back, the front, the midsection, and bra (including straps). No pajamas outside of dorm rooms.
Gentlemen: No sagging shorts or pants. Shirts must be worn at all times. Shirts must not show any part of the lower back or midsection. No pajamas outside of dorm rooms. 

Specific Event Standards 

  • Teaching Sessions: Casual. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times in the Poling Center, the Library, and the Student Life Center. 
  • Sports or Outside Activities: Closed-toed shoes are required. All students should bring close-toed shoes for the campus-wide activity Tuesday afternoon. 
  • Legislative Track: Provided the Capitol is available, students will make two trips to the Capitol (Wednesday and Friday) for which the dress code will be business attire, so gentlemen should wear dress shirt with tie and dress slacks, or suit; ladies should wear a dress or modest blouse with a skirt or dress slacks. Make sure that all attire is in dress code. House students will also hold a press conference during which the dress code will be casual with the exception that no shorts, clothes with holes, or flip-flops will be allowed.  
  • Business Track: Business dress for the Thursday evening presentation and nice casual for a group photo.  
  • Judicial Tracks: Business dress for the trials on Thursday and Friday and Moot Court arguments on Friday. Nice casual for a group photo. 
  • Media Track: Business dress for two media tours, Capitol trips on Wednesday & Friday, and filming. Nice casual for group photo. 
  • Campaign Track: Business dress for the Wednesday debate and filming of campaign ads. Nice casual for possible tour and a group photo. 

If you are concerned about not having clothing that fits the dress code or event standards, thrift stores or discount racks are an excellent place to find them. If you have any questions, please call the SSI office at (517) 321-6233.  

Speakers and instructors

Click here to see our LEAD 2021 speakers and instructors. New speakers will be added as they confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions
At what age is my child eligible to attend?

Any teenager entering 9th grade through the age of 19 is eligible to attend. Deciding which age is most appropriate to send your student is up to the parent, depending on the maturity level and whether or not the student can handle the rigorous schedule and challenging curriculum.


What is the average age of first-time students?

First-time students vary in ages from 13 to 19. Over the years, there has always been a good balance of older and younger participants.  First-time students are split into committees and caucuses, and each group is purposely made up of students of all ages, so no one group has any advantage over another during debates on Friday.


Is there any way I can participate in LEAD with my child?

Yes! We can almost always use more chaperones. Visit the volunteer section of our website for more information. Parents are also welcome to sit in on any session at LEAD. Please contact us to let us know if you’ll be visiting.



If my child is flying in, will there be a shuttle from the airport to campus?

We are offering a LEAD Airport Shuttle from Detroit Metro Airport only. The approximate travel time is 1 hour depending on traffic.

If you are flying to Michigan, after you submit your registration, the SSI LEAD staff will contact you with further information, including shuttle arrival and departure times.


What if my child is reluctant or does not want to attend LEAD?

This is a common question because LEAD is very unique and the experience is very different than what most teens expect. As it turns out, the vast majority of parents who chose to send their children in spite of their objections expressed their amazement with the 100% attitude change and were glad they made the decision. Countless teens have said that LEAD is “…the best thing my parents ever made me do,” and “…the most fun I never thought I’d have.”


What are the housing arrangements?

We house everyone, students, staff, and chaperones, in the guy’s and girl’s dorms. Dorm rooms are not assigned unless requested (see below), but are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. During our opening orientation meeting, all the students learn about the invisible barbed wire separating the two dorm buildings, patrolled by invisible guard dogs, and aided by two invisible watch towers, complete with invisible snipers. While we spoof a bit here, we are very serious about knowing where everyone is at all times and who is chaperoning. Additionally, campus security patrol the campus each night during LEAD


Do you assign dorm rooms?

Unless specifically requested on student registration, SSI does not assign dorm rooms. Rooms are filled on a first-come, first-served basis by students reserving their room as they check into the dorm. If two students want to room together, they can arrive together (as early as 5:30pm when registration opens) and reserve a room together. Both students must be present to reserve the dorm room. If students arrive late, there may not be multiple spots available in the same room. While dorms don’t usually fill up right at 5:30, the closer you arrive to registration opening, the more likely you will be able room together.

If students would prefer to have their dorm room and roommate assigned, they may indicate this on their registration form. SSI will assign their dorm room with another student who has requested being assigned a dorm. These assignments cannot be changed at camp.


What if I need to contact my child during the week?

Don’t worry! While students may not bring cell phones or other electronic devices into the main buildings (the Poling Center, the Library, or the Chapel and Cafeteria of the Student Life Center) while in track specific events, they can use their phones outside or in their dorm room during free times. If you need to contact your student in an emergency, you can call our camp number (989-272-2776), and a LEAD staff member will be able to either pass on a message or put your child on the phone.


Is there a swimming pool or lake?

No. No need to pack a bathing suit.


Is a sport coat/blazer/full business suit required for Friday’s final session?

No. Business attire is required for the final legislative sessions, trials, business meetings, media’s on-air anchors, etc. While a sport coat or suit is not required, the guys should at least wear dress slacks with a dress shirt and tie. However, those wishing to dress it up a bit more should feel free to do so!

See the LEAD Dress Code Guide section above to find a detailed description of the dress code.



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