Please Consider a Gift to the SSI Financial Aid Fund

Dear Friends and Supporters of SSI,

What if you could plant a Seed that would help launch a leader? What if today, you could make all the difference in the life of a young person? What if you could help empower them to become the man or woman that God intended them to be? How much would that be worth?

Each year we receive numerous requests for financial aid from needy families, and this year is no different. Already about 16% of our registrants have applied for help with the cost of sending their student to LEAD this summer.

Let me share a few stories from previous Financial Aid recipients. The names have been changed, but the people are real.

Rebecca: She completed our House, Mock Trial, and Moot Court tracks and served as an Aide-de-Camp as well. From a family of eight, she was not only responsible to raise her own funds to attend SSI LEAD, but needed to cover college costs as well. As a double major in music and political science, her goal is to work in government upon graduation. In applying for financial aid as a high school student, she wrote, “I am entirely responsible for my college costs. I am dual-enrolling, working part time, and I plan to CLEP college courses and work full time over the summer. Unfortunately, I do not have sufficient funds for SSI while I am budgeting for college expenses.” Through her SSI LEAD experience, she learned an important principle that will be remembered for the rest of her life, “Aim for excellence through preparation.”

Stephen: One of seven adopted sons from the Eastern Europe, he was the first student legislator to give a speech in Russian (with a translator) on the House Floor. His parents, who had sent other children to SSI, wrote, “Although we have had so many generous donations to our adoption funds (three times), we still are falling quite short. We are relying on [my husband’s] income which is keeping us hovering around poverty level. SSI is so important to our family—a requirement for them to graduate as homeschoolers. But I don’t see how we can do it this time without help.”

Melissa: She attended SSI LEAD twice, completed the Ambassador League, and received the John Quincy Adams Award. In applying for financial aid, her parents wrote, “We are currently in the process of relocating due to a change in employment. The expenses have exceeded expectations and we are challenged to meet current obligations. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Thank you.” Melissa wrote this about her SSI LEAD experience, “Each year I’ve gone has been a blessing. I’ve made new friends and learned very valuable lessons about myself and my Biblical purpose. I’ve become even more equipped for my journey as a young woman of God.”

Yes, your gift can make all the difference! Although the need is great, you have the wonderful opportunity to help the families who desperately want to send their son or daughter to SSI but simply cannot afford the cost. As you can see from the stories above and quotes on the enclosure (click here to read), the results are amazing!

Please prayerfully consider a generous gift today!

Yours for the next generation,

James Muffett


Donate Now:

To contribute to the 2018 Financial Aid Fund, you can make checks payable to SSI and mail to SSI, PO Box 80108, Lansing, MI 48908, or use the online donation form below.