Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do LEAD online?

While we recognize that having camp in person would be the best scenario, LEAD Online still has many benefits!

LEAD Online House and Senate tracks not only offer an opportunity to grow by participating in worldview and leadership lectures and the legislative simulations, but they also are counted toward a student’s eligibility for other tracks. Students who participate in House with LEAD Online this summer can jump right into the Senate track for LEAD next year. LEAD Online Senate students can go on to participate in Business, Media, Mock Trial, Moot Court, or Campaign next year.

Also, because of the reduced cost for LEAD Online, a first-time student could participate in House and Senate through LEAD Online and join an advanced track next summer, or even participate in LEAD Elite this summer. For advanced track students, LEAD Online offers a rare opportunity. Never before have students been able to spend so much time in advanced worldview lectures or been given such freedom to debate their bills!

At what age is my child eligible to attend?
Any teenager entering 9th grade through the age of 19 is eligible to attend. Deciding which age is most appropriate to send your student is up to the parent, depending on the maturity level and whether or not the student can handle the rigorous schedule and challenging curriculum.
What is the average age of the first-time students?

First-time students vary in ages from 13 to 19. Over the years, there has always been a good balance of older and younger participants.  First-time students are split into committees and caucuses, and each group is purposely made up of students of all ages, so no one group has any advantage over another during debates on Friday.

Is a sport coat/blazer/full business suit required for Friday’s final session?

No. While business attire is required for the committee meetings and final legislative sessions, it is not necessary that to have a sport coat or suit, but the guys should at least wear dress slacks with a dress shirt and tie. However, those wishing to dress it up a bit more should feel free to do so!

What if our family only has one computer but multiple students want to participate?

Consider scheduling your students for different weeks.  

Ask those you know about borrowing a laptop or tablet for the week. 

If those aren’t options, please call our office at (517) 321-6233 and we will assist you to the best of our ability.  

What technology is required to participate in LEAD online?

In terms of tech set up requirements, there are two main categories to consider:

  1. Systems Requirements: In terms of hardware, software, and such:
    1. For a PC, you should be running Windows 7 or newer
    2. For a Mac, you should be running OS 10.13 or newer
    3. You can download the apps for Moodle and Webex (we will send instructions and help you set this up), or you can access everything through your internet browser, but you will want to make sure that you have those up to date (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. are all supported)
    4. Read more about other hardware types (like tablets) and requirements HERE
  2. Bandwidth Requirements: For video conferencing, the minimum internet bandwidth required is  0.5 Mbps (Receive a video feed) and 0.5 Mbps (Send a video feed). Please  visit HERE to test your connection speed. You can read more about the bandwidth requirements HERE

Additionally, students should use a device with a built in web cam, or have an external webcam for video chatting. We also recommend the use of an audio headset for optimal user experience. If you need to purchase a headset or webcam, we advise ordering those as soon as possible, because many retailers have limited supply or back orders on these items due to the number of individuals working from home right now.

Wondering about something not covered here? Call us at 517-321-6233!