Ambassador League: Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to attach reports as Word documents? What if I'm not using Word?

Yes. This makes a big difference administratively and means that we’re able to process your reports quicker. Do not attach your reports as PDFs or as a link to a Google Doc. 

If you are using an application like Google Docs to write your reports, you can download them as Word documents even if your computer can’t open them. Here’s what you need to do to download a report from Google Docs. If you are having trouble figuring out how to do this on a different application, reach out to us and we’d be happy to help:

  1. Select “File”
  2. Hover over “Download” and select “Microsoft Word (.docx)”
  3. The file should be available in your Downloads folder
  4. From your email application, you can select to attach a file and navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer to select the Word document
May I send in a verification form before the report?


What if I’m having trouble meeting the 550 word requirement?
Depending on the assignment, you can use different strategies to meet the word requirement.  For reports where you are describing what you observed or did, you can include more descriptions, expand on what you were thinking at the time, or go more into what you took out of the experience.  For Bible studies, try to find questions on the topic that you can’t give a ready answer to, then find the answer and write about that.  If you’re ever really stuck, call the SSI office, and we’ll try to help you find something more to write about.
If I have sent in my mentor form do I need to wait until it has been verified as received before I can send in my reports?

No.  If you’ve sent in the form, you can start sending us reports right away.

Who fills out the comment section on the mentor forms?
Anyone can fill it out as long as the mentor is the one signing the form.
How long should my presentation promoting LEAD be?
At least 10 minutes.  This can include Q&A time.
May I give the LEAD presentation before brochures are available from SSI?

Yes, but make sure you have some sort of visual material like a video that you show. Brochures should be available by the end of September.  You can request brochures here.

Rather than buying the required books can I check them out from the library?
By all means.  If your library is a member of MELCAT, you should be able to acquire all of these books if you plan ahead.
What if I disagree with the books I’m assigned to read?
Reading a book with which you don’t necessarily agree will only serve to enlighten you on the opposing viewpoint.  This is a great opportunity for you to practice your critical thinking skills.  In your report you can definitely explain what parts of the book you disagree with and why.  
What is meant by inspiration, inerrancy, and infallibility of the Bible?

That the Bible is the Word of God (inspiration), it is error free (inerrancy), and, even more than that, it is incapable of having errors (infallibility).

How do I find a judicial trial to observe?

Try visiting your county courthouse’s website or calling your county clerk’s office to find a court schedule. Google the name of your county with “courthouse” or “county clerk’s office” to find this information. This will help you plan for time and inform you of the topic of each trial. If you can’t find a schedule or docket in your local court, expand your search to nearby counties. If possible, plan on going at a time when multiple trials are being held so that if one is cancelled, you’ll have a backup plan.



What constitutes a trial?

Any hearing held in a real courthouse with a real judge (or official referee of the courts) counts.  It can be over a misdemeanor or a civil suit or any other kind of judicial hearing where the public is invited.

Do I have to job shadow for a whole work day or just part of a work day?
The longer you can spend shadowing someone, the more you will learn from the experience, but you are not required to spend the whole day shadowing, just long enough to have a good sense of what that person does.
Do I need to write one full report on the legislative session I observed and another on the committee meeting?

No, you should only write one report to cover for both experiences.

How do I know if I can interview or shadow someone as a local leader?

Ask the following questions:
Does this person live or work within an hour of me?
Does this person lead people or is this person is a position of authority?
Do I already have a close relationship with this person?

If your answers were yes, yes, and no, then this local leader qualifies to be shadowed or interviewed.

May I job shadow and interview the same person?
Yes.  In fact it’s a great way to save yourself time.  If you are creative, you can find ways to accomplish many of the assignments simultaneously.
May I write a letter to any form of publisher?
Yes, just remember that the letter should be about issues relevant to your community.
Does my letter to the editor need to be published to count?

No, you just need to write and send it to complete the requirement.

May my volunteering be broken up into multiple days?
Yes, but if you are not going to be working under the same person over the different days, make sure to make copies of your verification form and have them signed to confirm that you did work those hours.
If I do not get enough volunteer hours from an organization, can I use a different organization to complete the hours?
Yes, as long as both have been approved from Headquarters. 

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