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Mentor Information Form

Agents will need to establish a mentor relationship with an adult familiar familiar with the goals of Ambassador League. Each agent and mentor will need to meet at least six times throughout the year for accountability, encouragement, and direction. The mentor may not be a member of the agent’s family. The goal is to develop a mentor relationships with people who cause agents to stretch outside their comfort zones. In the past, agents in training have had family friends, state legislators, judges, county officials, and business owners as their mentors.

Once mentors agree to helping, they can fill out the Mentor Information form in the Ambassador Packet or fill out the form here on this page.

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2020-2021 Ambassador League COVID-19 Assignment Alternatives

Due to the current response to the Coronavirus, many opportunities are closed to Ambassador League students. With that being the case, some assignment requirements have been modified to allow students to complete them given the current restrictions. Keep in mind, different locations are in different stages of lockdown, so while there may be an alternative available for an assignment, if you are able to complete it in person, you should do so.
Assignment: Tactics
Mentor Meetings: Feel free to meet with your mentor on a video or phone call. Make sure your mentor is still filling out the mentor meetings form. You can either scan a copy of the form as it is currently filled out and send it to your mentor, or your mentor can print off a new copy from pages 5-6 of the packet online.
Promote LEAD: Many groups such as churches, youth groups, and social groups meet over Zoom or another platform. If a group you know is doing this, ask if you can have ten minutes to promote LEAD. If not, you can put together your own gathering through a livestream program like Zoom or on a social media platform like Facebook Live. Invite people from your church and school, your friends and family, and ask them to also invite friends. Make sure that at least 10 people will be coming. Feel free to be creative. You could even plan on presenting with someone else in Ambassador League, just make sure that the group size and time is doubled so that you each fill the minimum requirement. See the “IMPORTANT: Verification” note below about changes to the requirements.
Assignment: Observe
Legislative Session and Committee Meeting: The legislature is still meeting for sessions and committee meetings, but rather than being required to observe them in person, you’ll be allowed to observe them remotely. You can see upcoming House sessions and committing meetings here and Senate videos can be found here (check the “Live Schedule” box on the far right for upcoming videos). See the “IMPORTANT: Verification” note below about changes to the requirements.
Judicial Trial or Review: Many courts are livestreaming their proceedings. You can often find those livestreams through the court’s website. We encourage you to observe a local court, but if your local courts do not have a livestream available, a judge in Cheboygan (Judge Aaron Gauthier) is familiar with SSI and has agreed to talk with Ambassador League students after the trial to explain anything or take questions. You can observe one of his livestreams and afterward reach out to the courthouse (231-627-8818) to connect with him. His livestreams are available on his YouTube channel and a court schedule can be found here. See the “IMPORTANT: Verification” note below about changes to the requirements.
Local Meeting of your school board, city council, or county commission: Reach out to your local leaders and ask when the next meeting will be scheduled and how you can observe it. Local leaders do need to still conduct business over this time and the Open Meetings Act requires that those meetings be open to the general public to observe. See the “Verification” note below about changes to the requirements.
Making the Most of the Assignment
If you will be unable to attend in person, look for ways that you can enhance your experience, such as reaching out to the people involved in the process you observed like the judge who presided over the trial you watched or a legislator in the committee meeting. You could let them know that you were observing and ask any questions you might have. This is not required, but we encourage you to find ways that you can be more engaged in the process if you won’t be able to actually be there.
Assignment: Take Action
Interview Local Leaders: Many people may be comfortable meeting in person, so if you are able to, conduct your interview in person. However, if that is not possible, you can interview your local leader through a video call.
Volunteer: If you are not able to find groups that will let you volunteer in person, reach out to ask if there is any way you can help from home. Remember that any non-profit or public policy action organizations must be approved by Headquarters before volunteering. See the “Verification” note below about changes to the requirements.

IMPORTANT: Verification

Livestreams or videos must be viewed live. You may not watch a pre-recorded video. To verify this, take a screenshot of what you are watching and ensure that the date of the video is visible along with the date displayed on your computer screen.
Verification Forms for any of the alternative assignments may be signed by any person who witnessed you observing the events including a family member or mentor. This is ONLY for the alternative assignments listed in this email. If you are able to complete any assignments in person, you will need a signature from someone who is not a family member or mentor.

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