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Crew members are vitally important and are in a unique position to minister and help ensure that all students have a positive and beneficial time at LEAD. The following resources are provided in order for you to know what is expected so that you can best function as part of the LEAD Team.  Please feel free to call the SSI office for clarification or questions.


Crew Materials


Crew Reference Form
Crew Icebreaker Form
LEAD Crew Information & Agreement




Sample of Legislative Final Sessions Watch videos of the final House and Senate debates from the final session on Friday. If you have never seen the culmination of what the students are working toward, it would be helpful for you to have this framework.



Crew arrive on campus the Saturday before camp starts (June 17, July 8, July 22). Crew should arrive by 4:45 to check in. After checking in, crew will have an opportunity to set up their dorm room. Dinner will start at 5:30. Those who indicated that they will not be arriving for dinner should arrive no later than 6pm. This will allow 15 minutes to drop off luggage at the dorms before coming back for the opening orientation session. Any arriving after 6:15 will set up their dorm rooms at the end of the night after our last crew session (around 10pm).

Students are welcome to come with crew members on Saturday, but they will not sit in on the volunteer orientation and will instead have to occupy themselves either in the dorms or specified areas on campus. Until students check in for LEAD on Sunday afternoon, crew members will be responsible for any students who came with them including communicating expectations and knowing where they are on campus.

Crew are dismissed after student check-out is completed on Friday (usually around 7pm). For those who are able to stay, we will complete some campus clean-up before having a pizza dinner and hanging out the rest of the evening. The remainder of campus clean-up will happen Saturday morning.

SSI will provide all meals starting with dinner Saturday evening through breakfast Saturday morning after camp, though often crew members will go out for breakfast that morning. 

At camp we use an app (GroupMe) for crew communication. In the crew information email that will go out shortly before camp, we will include information on how to download the app and join the crew network. This should be done before you come for crew orientation. 



As you probably know, SSI is a non-profit. We are dedicated to keeping our programs affordable and accessible to students in all financial situations.You can help make this possible when you consider covering the cost of room and board for yourself or other crew members ($160/person/week). If you feel led, you can opt to contribute any amount towards this cost by mailing a check addressed to “SSI” to 4407 W. St. Joe Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917 or through our payment portal: LEAD Volunteer Payment Portal.


POLICIES, STANDARDS, & EXPECTATIONS: Crew members are expected to abide by our camp policies found under the following tabs on the LEAD webpage.

Details and Policies (Scroll down to “LEAD Policies”)
LEAD Campus Policies
Student Conduct Covenant
LEAD Dress Code



  • Good Things to Know (Including what to expect and how to pack)
  • Crew FAQs
    • Can students come with me to crew orientation?


Crew Resources for Download

Come back closer to camp for additional content such as devotions, manuals, bill packets, and more.

Camp Info

Week 1: June 18-23
Crew Orientation – Saturday, June 17, 6:00pm

Week 2: July 9-14
Crew Orientation – Saturday, July 8, 6:00pm

Week 3: July 23-28
Crew Orientation – Saturday, July 22, 6:00pm

Spring Arbor University
106 E Main St
Spring Arbor, MI 49283

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