Crew Resources

Crew Icebreaker

Please write a short bio (one paragraph, 200-300 characters) about yourself. At camp crew members interact the most with those serving in the same track, and they may not be able to meet all the other crew serving with them that week. These bios will allow crew members to know a bit more about each other even if they don't have a chance to work together.

  • Include how many times you attended SSI LEAD as a student and as a crew member as well as what city you are from. Other things you could share are where you work/attend school (and what you study), your passions, information about your family, or a unique fact about yourself.
  • Crew Trivia

    Please answer the following questions about yourself. These answers will be used for a crew game in which people try to match the answers with the correct person.
    If you are coming as a crew member multiple weeks, feel free to submit this form multiple times with different answers so that your answers change each week.
  • Or, if you're not currently reading anything, what is a favorite book?
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    This fact will be used as part of a game where crew members will try to connect the fact with the person.

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If you need help, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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