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What has the Student Statesmanship Institute meant to you?

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Reflecting on Thirty Years in Ministry

This year our banquet theme is “Legacy.” As we celebrate thirty years in ministry, we look back with thanksgiving for the work God has done and the legacy He has built. Our logo for 2023 is a collection of thirty rocks where each rock represents one year of ministry. This imagery comes from Joshua 4:6-7 when each tribe takes a stone as they cross the Jordan River as a physical reminder of the blessings of God. This monument served as a reminder for the people of Israel to tell the next generation of all that God had done.

Every student, parent, volunteer, and supporter are an important part of our legacy. I would invite you to share with us your “stone” or testimony of how you have see God at work in your life or the lives of those around you through the ministry of SSI. To share a memory or story, please submit it using the form below. We would love to hear how God has impacted you and celebrate the many blessings He has given us.

At the end of each week of LEAD, students are welcomed to come and give a testimony for how God worked in their lives during camp. Here’s what some have said about the impact of the ministry over the last thirty years:

“Student Statesmanship Institute (SSI) has changed my life. Because of the time spent here, I’ve learned to love the Lord intentionally, respect others impartially, & I’ve learned that this life I live is not solely my own to succeed at, or falter at, but this life I live is the Lord’s” – Jordan D. 

“[At camp] I let the Lord have my life, not just accepting Him and living my life for Him, but giving my life to Him!” – Alexis G. 

“I’m really grateful for this program and how much it’s taught me, the experiences I’ve had, and most importantly it’s pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Most of all, I’m really grateful for how I’ve learned to live as a Christian in the world and love other people I may not like, whether that’s the opposing team or people who are diametrically opposed to our beliefs.” – Sarah H. 

What has SSI meant to you?

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