A Word From Iowa: “Excellence”

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Friends of SSI

By Nathan Oppman, Chief of Staff for The FAMiLY LEADER in Iowa

As I am in the middle of preparing for LEAD, one word comes to mind that communicates my experience so far: excellence.

When I attended my first LEAD summer camp, I saw a well-executed camp that was Christ-centered, challenging to students, and enjoyable.

After observing the testimony of students, the hearts of leaders, and the desire for Christlikeness, I was convinced that this was an excellent program.

But the excellence didn’t stop when we at The FAMiLY LEADER decided to take the step of becoming part of the LEAD family. It can be easy to mask errors when people are only seeing the culmination of a program, but SSI MI let us look behind the LEAD curtain. When we did, we found more excellence.

When we were told that materials would be made available and support from staff would be there, they were. Each step in the path of making LEAD a success was carefully mapped out. The staff shared resources, engaged in meaningful conversations, and gave us stellar advice. We are well-equipped because of their preparation.

The final piece of excellence that I have seen is on a more personal level. The SSI staff has shown through their actions that Christ is the reason for what they do. They pray for us, they seek the salvation of students, they desire to grow closer to God. They see leadership not as a means to wealth and prosperity but as a means of being an ambassador for Christ in all walks of life. This is the piece of excellence that matters most. A program that does not put Christ at its core is hollow. Christ taught us that true leaders are servants first. The team in Michigan has been a servant to us and for that reason we are thrilled to continue to follow their LEAD!

To learn more about LEAD Iowa (launching this summer!), visit www.TheFamilyLeader.com/LEAD.

Nathan Oppman is the Chief of Staff for The FAMiLY LEADER, and is leading their initiative to bring LEAD to Iowa this summer! He has a passion to encourage biblical thinking in our society and government. Nathan’s interests include sports, historical reading, ministering at his local church, and spending time with his family.

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