Cards Campers Like


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Cards Campers Like

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What is “Cards Campers Like”?
Cards Campers Like is a fun card game where the answer is never the same! A judge draws a card and reads the sentence with the included blank. Other players submit a card with an answer to fill in the blank, and the judge picks the answer that either best fills in the blank, or that yields the funniest result. The next player in the circle then becomes the judge, and the round begins again! Play continues until a pre-determined point, and whoever holds the most cards at the end wins!
How many ideas can I suggest?
As many as you want! The form is set up for you to submit multiple answers. Just hit the plus button next to the Question or Answer lines in the form to submit multiple ideas.

Cards Campers Like Submission Form

Submit either a question, an answer, or both! You may submit as many of each as you like. Please place separate submissions on a new line by using the plus sign next to the field.

Submit your suggestion for a question card here. Every question card must have a fill-in-the-blank line.
Submit your suggestion for an answer card here.


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