Special Year-End Request


November 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am so thankful to report that SSI is a ministry on the move! God has been faithful to work through us in the lives of young people and now as new doors of opportunity are opening, we are excited to see what comes next as we seek to fulfill our destiny!

I hope that after reading this letter you will offer your vote of confidence by making a generous year-end financial gift.

It’s awesome when God-given dreams are being fulfilled!

John Quincy Adams once said that our actions should “Inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.”

SSI LEAD is so much more than a government camp. We cultivate a whole range of skills including: calling, character, communication/public speaking, confidence, collaboration, competition, critical thinking, citizenship and Christian worldview. We combine these ideals with a positive faith-filled attitude, integrity and a strong work ethic—all of which are critical for a successful life and career.

For 25 years, our message to young people through SSI has been, “You Have a Destiny!” We’ve seen the powerful results when they grasp this simple truth—that God has a purpose for their lives to be Christ’s Ambassadors as Servant Leaders. We’ve seen God use SSI to inspire and equip a new generation of Courageous Christians in a Corrupt Culture and provide a launch pad for young people into their destiny!

It’s deeply rewarding when influential people see the value in your life’s work!

The Lord has been faithful to answer our prayers and now we are excited to be expanding our borders beyond Michigan! People throughout the nation are seeing the value of what we have been building in Michigan for over two decades.

A few years ago, after becoming aware of SSI, the Minnesota Family Council asked whether we could help them launch a program in Minneapolis/St. Paul. They felt that God was calling them to invest in young people and thought SSI was a perfect fit for what they wanted to do. Now, after four summers, they are still going strong!

Last year after hearing my presentation about SSI, the Iowa Family Leader organization asked us how soon we could come to Des Moines. Again, their board of directors were convinced that God wanted them to train young people and saw SSI as an answer to their prayers. The result? The LEAD Summer Program is on track to launch next summer. SSI is now officially in three states! Wow, I guess that makes us a national organization!

Just one other example! Recently, I was interviewed by Dr. James Dobson on his national Family Talk Radio show. It was an incredible moment when he asked, “How come I have never heard of

you and SSI before?” I explained to him that, right from the beginning, we felt that God wanted us to go a mile deep in Michigan, rather than seeking to go a mile wide. We are already reaping great results from this interview with calls, emails, web site visits and registrations from throughout the nation!

It’s wonderful to know that God rewards faithfulness!

We’ve kept our head down and have been faithfully building and executing eight different tracks for our LEAD Summer Program involving thousands of young people, working with dozens of schools through our Onsite Program, and coaching over 100 Ambassador League students to step outside of their comfort zone and into their communities as servant leaders.

And now, we are poised to move into a new and exciting phase of the ministry—one that we have dreamed about!

In addition to securing a firm financial base for our Michigan programs, we are actively seeking additional program partners throughout the nation!

It’s amazing when others come alongside to help!

Nothing that has been accomplished through SSI could even be remotely possible without the incredible contributions of faithful and generous donors like you! We take no government funds and rely completely on gifts from individuals, businesses, churches and foundations.

It’s humbling when God provides “over and above what you could ask or think.”

As another successful year of ministry comes to a close, we still have a significant financial need in order to finish in the black by December 31!

Will you prayerfully consider helping meet and exceed our budget for the year?

Could you consider a gift of $50, $100, $500 or $1,000? Maybe God has blessed you enough to make a significant gift of $5,000 or $10,000 or $20,000 or more?

Your generosity provides a solid foundation so we can explore opportunities in other states!

Your generosity helps us continue planting eternal seeds of hope for the future.

Your generosity is a strong vote of confidence for us to continue fulfilling our destiny!

I hope you will consider this exciting mission to be worthy of your support!

Will you please take a moment to read these quotes and testimonies and then make your most generous contribution?

Please help as much as you can. Every gift, whether large or small, will be greatly appreciated.

Yours for the next generation,

James Muffett


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