Year-End Fund Drive

Stay tuned for our 2017 Year-End Fund Drive, coming November 2017!


November, 2016

Dear Friends of SSI,

Leaders on the Horizon!

No one saw Moses coming to deliver Israel after forty years in the desert. No one expected the shepherd boy David to become King. No one envisioned that Joseph or Deborah or Nehemiah would be raised up just in time to fulfill God’s purpose for their generation. Who anticipated John the Baptist emerging from the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord? How about Jesus Christ himself? He was the son of a carpenter being prepared in obscurity to be Savior of the world!

An investment in young people is an investment in the future!

Today I’m inviting you to be part of this amazing vision to inspire hundreds of potential Leaders on the Horizon who will fulfill God’s purpose as Ambassadors of Jesus Christ and who will shine as lights in the midst of a corrupt, perverse, and dark world.

What is SSI? I always tell people it is NOT a government camp, a week of lectures, a school-like classroom where students take notes and tests…and then forget everything. Most teens and even most adults would call that BORING!

Believe me, SSI is much more than teens expected. By the end of the week, they tell us it’s fun!!

Here’s the truth! SSI is an experiential leadership training week that features practical and relevant real-world simulations overseen by professional coaches in the legislative, media, judicial, business, and campaign arenas. It is amazing to see young people embrace the challenge while learning citizenship, public speaking, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership.

This is combined with dynamic Christian world-view instruction, spiritual inspiration, meaningful worship, and dynamic guest speakers that all work together to present this powerful message to teenagers:

“You were created by God for this time and this place! You have been given gifts, talents and incredible-but often unrealized-leadership potential. You have a divine destiny and purpose to be Christ’s Ambassador to your generation by being a servant-leader in your family, your church, your city, your state, your nation, and your world! God sent you here to SSI to help unlock that potential so you can break free from the fear of failure and the cycle of low expectations often put on you by yourself, your peers, and even the adults in your life!”

SSI is about, Empowering teens to change their world! And that is exactly what young people tell us about their SSI experience! Here’s just one student’s reaction to SSI:

“At SSI I learned to be proactive and face my fears instead of allowing them to stop me from being a leader.”
Elijah R.

Although we never know HOW God will use the seeds we plant, we know that God DOES.

Please take a few moments to read the student testimonies below and then prayerfully consider a generous year-end gift to help sustain and advance this life-transforming ministry.

Will You Help? We need you! We cannot do this without you!

During our Annual Banquet a few years ago Mike Huckabee said,

“I want to ask you to consider that it is time to make a generous investment in the next generation!”

SSI receives no government funds. We only exist and go forward because of the incredible support from people—just like you—who believe in our mission of equipping and inspiring the next generation!

Your generous contribution will make this vision a reality and we pledge to spend every dime on impacting the lives of young people!

Please know that we appreciate any amount that you give toward our Leaders on the Horizon Year-End fundraising campaign.

I hope you will consider SSI to be worthy of your generous support!

Yours for the next generation,

James Muffett