LEAD Online Student Conduct Covenant

The Student Statesmanship Institute’s summer program, LEAD Online, is Michigan’s premiere biblical worldview and leadership training program for teens. We hope your experience will be enjoyable, rewarding, and challenging. The instructors, staff, and chaperones are committed to helping you grow as a leader, and they are looking forward to you participating. The development of leadership skills includes taking responsibility for your own life and conduct, and the foundation for all behavior at all times can be summed up in the word “respect.”

Please read the following carefully.

“Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another, be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.” 1 Peter 3:8

1. The Bible says that Christians should “think on things that are excellent” and “avoid all appearance of evil.”

  • I will maintain the highest moral standards and maintain a clear personal witness through proper conduct and appropriate dress (see the LEAD Policies for our standards, found here: https://ssionline.org/lead-online-details-and-policies/).
  • I will not drink alcoholic beverages or use tobacco in any form while participating in LEAD Online; I will not use any type of illegal substances, use offensive language, etc.

2. Leadership involves self-discipline, which means accepting personal responsibility to do those things which are expected of you “as unto the Lord.” Christian leadership involves servanthood. Jesus said, “Whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant.”

  • I will be prompt and attentive in all classes and activities.
  • I will display a servant attitude toward my fellow classmates, instructors, staff, and chaperones.

3. LEAD Online is an environment conducive to learning, personal growth, and friendship and strives to remain free from distractions and outside influences.

  • I will not bring anything that would detract from this goal to the LEAD online learning environment, nor will I use the computer or internet inappropriately at any time.

4. The Bible commands us to submit to authority. It is our desire that each student has a teachable spirit and is willing to be cooperative, obedient, and respectful to any person in God-ordained authority.

  • I will obey the rules and submit to the authority of staff, instructors, and chaperones, and obey the rules including those given in this Student Conduct Covenant.

I have read and agree with all of the above. I understand that I will be expected to abide by this signed covenant. I further understand that if I choose not to abide by this signed covenant, I will face appropriate consequences, possibly even being asked to leave.

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