Financial Aid Fund Donation

Each year we receive many heartfelt financial aid requests from parents who don’t want their teen to miss out on the life-transforming experience that SSI offers. This year is no exception. We have students who are working hard to save for college, families going through financial hardships, active missionaries in the field who need some support, and families who are living month to month by faith. These needs are connected to real people, real families, and real students who have real potential. Your generous donation will help shape the lives of these future leaders.

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We pour everything we have into creating an experience where students Learn to live out their faith in the real world. Where they are Empowered to fulfill God’s purpose. Where they can Act like a leader and learn by doing. SSI is a place where they can Discover and unlock their God given potential. The results we see in the lives of students is astounding.

Thanks to the grace of God, and the generosity of our friends like you, we have never denied a student this unique and powerful opportunity simply because they could not afford it.