Pay for Multiple LEAD Registrations

Want to pay for multiple students in one simple transaction? You’re in the right place. Each registration is $425 (at the early registration rate), so two would cost $850, three $1275, four would total $1700… and so on. Enter the correct amount based on how many registrations you are paying for.

You can help SSI keep costs low paying by check–simply make the check out to SSI, and mail it to 4407 W. St. Joe Hwy., Lansing, MI 48917 and you’ll save us the cost of credit card processing fees! If you are unsure of your balance, you can call 517-321-6233 or email

Minimum Price: $425.00



To pay for multiple students, enter in the “Amount” field the total you will be paying.

The cost for a full early registration (paid before March 31st) is $425.
2 registrations = $850
3 registrations = $1275
4 registrations = $1700
5 registrations = $2125

If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, backpack, photo, or a hoodie, add this payment to your cart and then you can select additional items from the products on the right side.