Chair and Lobbyist Resources


  • Find your name on the list below.  If your name is not on the list, reach out to our office at or 517-321-6233.
  • Click the “Bill and Resources” link.
  • Select the drop down for your assigned bill.
  • Download and/or print your “Bill and Analysis” and any additional resources.
  • Download and/or print the appropriate “Instructions.”
First Name Last Name Role  Committee Position Bill and Resources
Derek  Bajema Lobbyist Adams Support HB 4071 Abuse of a Vulnerable Child
Hennessey  Bevins Lobbyist Adams Oppose SB 991 Right to Try
Katie Bussard Lobbyist Washington Support SB 291 Motorcycle Helmets
Lauren DeFouw Lobbyist Jefferson Support HB 4162 Prohibit Bullying
John Hayden Lobbyist Washington Oppose HB 5751 Safe Haven Device
John Jones Chair Washington   Washington Committee
Sandi  Jones Lobbyist Jefferson Oppose HB 4162 Prohibit Bullying
Tim  Langholz Lobbyist Adams Support SB 991 Right to Try
John Lazet Lobbyist Jefferson Support HB 4006 Cell Phones in Emergencies
Genevieve Marnon Lobbyist Washington Support HB 5751 Safe Haven Device
James Muffett Chair Adams   Adams Committee
Dr. Linda Lee Tarver Lobbyist Jefferson Oppose HB 4006 Cell Phones in Emergencies
Tim Van Loh Chair Jefferson   Jefferson Committee
Eric  Walcott Lobbyist Washington Oppose SB 291 Motorcycle Helmets
Tabitha  Zimnney  Lobbyist Adams Oppose HB 4071 Abuse of a Vulnerable Child


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Trinity Church
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