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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers make up the backbone of SSI. To put it mildly, we could not accomplish the many ministries The Lord has called us to without the steadfast dedication of our hundreds of volunteers who give so generously of their time each year.

Want to get involved? Here are a number of ways you can help throughout the year:


There are many opportunities to volunteer at our summer program LEAD. You can serve as a volunteer, be an expert coach for one of our many advanced tracks, role-play as a lobbyist or Chair for our mock committee meetings at the Capitol or as a witness for our Mock Trial track, drive a bus, and more! We also are in need of Chaperones (parents) and Aides-de-Camp (college-age alumni) to help staff each week of LEAD. Learn more about the responsibilities of Chaperones and ADCs here.


Other Ways To Help

Onsite Program: Volunteer to be a lobbyist or to chair a committee meeting at one of our Onsite Programs which we hold across Michigan throughout the school year.

Mentoring: Students participating in the Ambassador League program are in need of mentors who will meet with and encourage them up to six times throughout the course of one year. This is an incredible opportunity to directly affect the life and leadership skills of the next generation!

Promote SSI: We owe a lot of the success of the SSI programs to the dedication of our volunteers who help promote them! You can help by distributing brochures, scheduling a radio or TV interview, hosting a print ad in your publication, or a myriad of additional methods you can think of to help promote SSI’s programs.

Schedule a Speaking Engagement: Click here to fill out an online speaker request form.

Volunteer in Our Lansing Office: There is never a shortage of work in the office! From general office work to preparing large mailings and assembling manuals for our programs, your help will be greatly appreciated!

Volunteer at an Event: We can always use extra help at our events including the annual fall banquet or one of our many seminars, speaking engagements, and conferences.

Pray: We would not be where we are without regular heartfelt prayers!

Please email us or call the office, 517-321-6233, to learn more about volunteer opportunities!

LEAD Online Student Support Center

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Phone: 517-321-6233
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